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Crash in Deformable Registration upon Calculate Transformation
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  • Load test images and point sets for point based registration
  • press Calculate Transformation

-> crash

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deformable registration with the two test images takes ~4.8 GB ram on my machine. This will lead certainly to an out of memory exception on 32 bit machines.

Test with the 32 Bit installer (rev 20269):

load the two test images from point based registration

select them:
fixed image: venous
moving image: arterial

Click on "Calculate Transform". --> Error Message:

An error occurred. You should save all data and quit the program to prevent possible data loss.
See the error log for details.


Requested region is (at least partially) outside the largest possible region.

next test:
switch fixed and moving image, click on "Calculate Transform". -->
Algorithm runs for a while, then a Messagebox appears : Failed to allocate memory. After clicking on okay, the application crashes.

needs to be reassigned to someone with a 32 Bit debug version.

Seems to be a problem if the fixed image covers a bigger region than the moving image. An exception is then thrown in itk::DataObject::PropagateRequestedRegion().
As a quick workaround one could check if the fixed image is bigger in size than the moving image

[SVN revision 20383]
FIX (#3020): added workaround to check if fixed image is bigger than moving image

Daniel S.: perhaps we can have a look at this problem when you're back to present a more sophisticated sooution.

Merging "applicazion modules" component with "ExtApp plugins"

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This is probably redundant with the migration to the matchpoint registration.

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