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application crashes when scene serialization fails
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I tried to write a .mitk scene, but the harddisk got full during the writing. --> The ExtApp crashes in that case.

It should not crash, it should report a meaningful error message.

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maleike added a subscriber: maleike.Mar 5 2010, 2:31 PM

Pff, I'll have to think of a test but this should definitely be fixed.

neuhaus added a subscriber: neuhaus.Mar 5 2010, 3:10 PM

maybe we can use a tool like to temporarily create a small virtual harddisk/ramdisk that we can fill up.

[SVN revision 21697]
FIX (#3403): use ulimit() to restrict possible file sizes; not yet active because sceneio fails in these cases

[SVN revision 21700]
FIX (#3403): correct some error handling in serialization

[SVN revision 21725]
COMP (#3403): deactivate test, failing because of some ZIP CRC error

I was not able to implement a test that reproduces a nearly full disk. However, a fix was committed and a couple of manual tests suggest that the fix is successful, i.e. SceneIO::SaveScene() returns false when disk is full (instead of crashing)

reopen for missing commit

[SVN revision 21785]
FIX (#3403): add extra try/catch block around file writing