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Make POCO an external project and an optional build dependency
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When BlueBerry is disabled, POCO is still being build. This seems unnecessary.

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nolden added a subscriber: nolden.Mar 17 2011, 3:50 PM

I'm not sure if this could/should be fixed. Other modules could use Poco. Or we declare it as deprecated and couple it to the BlueBerry switch. For me the second option would be ok. But then we should probably "hide" it from non-BlueBerry modules.

We can also put this on WONTFIX and wait for the new buildsystem ;)

Resetting all bugs without active assignee flag to "CONFIRMED". Change status to IN_PROGRESS if you are working on it.

zelzer added a subscriber: zelzer.Mar 21 2013, 8:52 AM

Poco is currently used by the following Modules:

  • IGT
  • QmitkExt
  • SceneSerialization

Mostly file-system and zip related classes are used.

With T15885 Poco was converted to an external project.