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NRRD format does not save 4D images
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When saving a 4D image in NRRD format, it is split up into multiple 3D volumes. NRRD should be capable of saving 4D information into one file.
As a standard format, it must be capable!

For a sample 4D file, please check T:\temp\4d.pic

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apparently it is saved as multiple indentical 4D images... same problem goes for ".nii" format

Jan + Clerance: now the nrrd format is treated specially to solve this issue in the mitkImageWriter.

TODO: verify this

proposed modification to the mitk::ImageWriter class

On Ubuntu 11.04, the modification (see Atachments) worked on some dataset. Further verifications not possible due to problems with reading of .nrrd Images (T8614).

Furthermore, the geometry of the image is not saved correctly (relates to T8477).

test image

the proposed modification (see the attached patch) works on Windows platform.

Tested scenario: load an 4D image, save as NRRD (using the patched source) and load the saved image again.

[9b54e3]: Merge branch 'bug-8211-NRRD_Format'

Merged commits:

2011-06-27 10:00:55 Jan Hering [0cc1ae]
Added code for writing .nrrd images separately

in mitk::ImageWriter

  • new if-else block to handle the writing of NRRD images directly by the WriteByITK method