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TrackingToolbox crashes if AutoDetection is used twice
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if Aurora is used as tracking system and then the following steps are done the software crashes:

  1. Auto Detection
  2. Start Tracking
  3. Auto Detection
  4. Start Tracking

> crash

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Bug doesn't occure on windows in the newest version. Perhaps it was caused by another bug which is already fixed (then this bug can be closed). But we first have to check ist this is a bug which only occures on linux.

[528f0f]: Merge branch 'bug-8903-AutoDetectionAuroraFails'

Merged commits:

2011-09-14 16:32:55 Alexander Seitel [b4e349]
Removed destruction of SmartPointers in destructor of TrackingDevice

2011-09-14 16:31:45 Alexander Seitel [a93a44]
Add system delay to correctly readout serial number of EM tool

Crash still occurs on Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) when using USB to serial adapter and tools at input 3 and 4.

This problem is likely to be a hardware problem related to USB to serial communication.

Next step should be to try it with a pure serial communication hardware.

Tested thoroughly under a current Linux distribution. Unable to reproduce.

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