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NavigationDataPlayer should offer a method to check if the stream is valid
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At the moment, if the stream is invalid (e.g. if the file doesn't exist) the player adds a error message to the console. But there should also be a method to check this. Later, when the exception handling for IGT is implemented another possibility is to throw an exception in case of an invalid stream.

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[ea6d2e]: Merge branch 'bug-9112-NavigationDataPlayerStreamValidGetter'

Merged commits:

2011-08-18 14:17:28 Alfred Franz [7d1df5]
added member and method to see if stream is valid
also moved error messages from std::cout to MITK_ERROR

feature is implemented but the test still has to be extended to test the new method

Exception handling and testing of it is being merged together with T12141.