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Remove StdMultiWidget dependency


Remove StdMultiWidget dependency

The basic idea is to provide a QmitkAbstractMultiWidget and a QmitkAbstractMultiWidgetEditor which is subclassed by the corresponding multi widget and editor classes:

  • QmitkStdMultiWidget / QmitkStdMultiWidgetEditor
  • QmitkMxNMultiWidget / QmitkMultiWidgetEditor

Basic functionally, getter, setter etc. is moved to the abstract multi widget (editor) classes to provide common behavior.

Additionally a layout manager has been introduced to provide generalized layouts that apply for different multi widget (editors). In order to to this, the QmitkRenderWindow and the QmitkRenderWindowMenu had to be refactored (and cleaned simplified).

The multi widgets do not hold a QmitkRenderWindow directly but a QmitkRenderWindowWidget, which provides functions to change the decorations and colors.

Since a lot of classes still access render windows via ("axial", "sagittal", "coronal", "3d"), a workaround was added to both multi widgets. This will be fixed in T25595.

Test Plan:

  • manually tested with Windows
  • merging this will include user tests on different systems (mainly GUI changes)

Reviewers: MITK Reviewer Group I, O1 MITK Core, floca

Reviewed By: MITK Reviewer Group I, O1 MITK Core, floca

Subscribers: kislinsk, floca, kalali

Tags: MITK

Maniphest Tasks: T24215

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D212


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