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2020 Week 31 (Very Late July)
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๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

  • Patched VTK 8.1 to work with GCC 10

โœจ New features

  • Removed Ubuntu 16.04 from the tier 1 supported platforms in favor of Ubuntu 20.04
  • Added auto-crop feature for multi-label segmentation images to the context menu of the Data Manager view
  • Migrated more plugins/views to new selection concept introduced in 2020 Week 25 (Late June)
    • DCE MR Perfusion Datafit View
    • Remeshing
    • Volume Visualization
  • Added new DICOM reader MITK DICOM Reader v2 (manual) to manually select the reader configuration instead of automatically choosing the configuration based on the least number of image volumes that would be generated from the input files
  • Improved and restructured MITK documentation (ongoing effort)
  • Refactored MITK Workbench intro part into separate org.mitk.gui.qt.mitkworkbench.intro plugin to enable easy replacement with custom intro parts by other MITK applications
  • Introduced ModelFitResultRelationRule to reference between input images and produced parameter maps
  • Matched naming convention of DICOM-related modules (see API-breaking changes below)

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed a crash when multiple dynamic/3d+t images are loaded
  • Fixed a crash when a data node is drag'n'dropped to a different parent data node in the Data Manager view
  • Segmentation tools
    • Region Growing: fixed thresholding for images with unsigned pixel types
    • Region Growing 3D: seed points can now be set in dynamic/3d+t images
  • Welcome page is shown on top of editors again at first application start
  • Improved geometry comparison by choosing less strict epsilon values for directions and other spatial aspects
  • Fixed IsSubGeometry() for oblique geometries
  • Fixed build errors with Clang 10

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

  • Several DICOM-related modules were renamed. We strongly recommend to clean the build directory and rebuild MITK as some old auto-load modules will linger on otherwise.
    • DICOMReader DICOM
    • DICOMReaderService DICOMImageIO (now auto-load dependency of DICOM module)
    • DicomRT RT
  • Other API-breaking changes are located only in experimental or deprecated parts of MITK

Rework of the Global Image Feature classes and command-line apps

The main purpose of the rework was (1) to decouple the features from the legacy ID to allow more flexible output formats and (2) to offer a well-defined XML output of GIF analysis that stores a lot of useful and necessary meta and provenience information.

Amongst others, the following things have been done:

  • Introduced FeatureID to reference features in the result sets of GIF classes instead of plain strings
  • Reworked AbstractGlobalImageFeature class and derived classes
    • Ensured that there is no difference between the explicit setting of feature parameters via specific class setters or the generic parameter setter. CalculateFeaturesUsingParameters and CalculateFeaturesSliceWiseUsingParameters are not necessary anymore and misleading
    • Improved const correctness
  • Added CalculateAndAppendFeaturesSliceWise and CalculateAndAppendFeatures for adding features to a given feature list
  • Added new result format (writer) that stores the feature list in a structured XML file, containing the feature results and details parameter settings, data loading meta information and provenience information
  • GIF command-line apps now regard DICOM meta information of the input data for provenience if available.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and glitches

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