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2021 Week 04 (Very Late January)
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NOTE: This is the last merge before the next official release. It is scheduled for end of January. โณ The snapshot installers will be used for extensive manual testing and can be thought of as beta versions. We encourage you to join and report potential last minute issues that are important for you.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

DependencyOld versionNew version
DCMQI99192b76 (Nov 6, 2020)1.2.3
VTK9.0.0 (patched)9.0.1 (patched)

โœจ New features

  • Support XCode v12.0 and v12.3 as well as macOS 11 Big Sur (only x86_64 so far)
  • WorkbenchRelease build configuration (used for official release and snapshot installers) now includes command-line apps for
    • File conversion
    • Image type conversion
  • Introduced new build configuration for MITK Phenotyping
  • Qt log messages are optional now and can be activated again with the command-line argument Qt.logMessages
  • Reduced MITK-build CMake configure noise
  • Introduced CI build status badges for develop branch on Github:

BuildStatus.PNG (134ร—820 px, 18 KB)

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed various crashes and minor issues related to dynamic images and segmentations in 2-d segmentation tools
  • Fixed crash in macOS installers when starting the installed application
  • Fixed missing context menu entries in Data Manager view
  • Fixed loading of DICOM SEG images with temporary solution until DCMQI issue #414 is resolved
  • Fixed loading of RTDose images in MITK scene files
  • Fixed all Doxygen warnings of doc target
  • Fixed CMake 3.19 deprecation warnings in CppMicroServices

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

Refactoring of 2-d segmentation tools (D450)

  • mitk::SegTool2D class
    • Pointer members of SliceInformation struct are const now
    • GetAffectedWorkingSlice() and GetAffectedReferenceSlice() are const now
    • WriteBackSegmentationResult() is using mitk::TimeStepType now
    • WriteBackSegmentationResult() overload for multiple slices was renamed to WriteBackSegmentationResults()
  • mitk::ContourModel class
    • All int and unsigned int time step parameters in all methods were changed to mitk::TypeStepType
  • mitk::CompressedImageContainer class
    • Made GetImage() and SetImage() const-correct
  • mitk::DiffSliceOperation class
    • Removed setters, use constructor instead
    • Made constructor and getters const-correct

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