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2021 Week 06 (Early February)
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NOTE: We resolved more issues than expected since the last merge so we decided to create another snapshot right before the official release. This allows us to give you a separate, complete overview of the latest changes.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

DependencyOld versionNew version
DCMQI1.2.383f498e9 (Feb 8, 2021)

โœจ New features

  • Segmentation utilities
    • Contour to image tool generates label set images now
    • Image masking tool does not require an explicit decision between image and surface masking anymore
  • Other
    • OpenSSL is a general optional dependency now and if found, the Crypto and NetSSL components of Poco are enabled
    • MITK package config files have a new output variable ALL_LINK_DIRECTORIES to specify link directories in modules and plugins for certain PACKAGE_DEPENDS

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Segmentation
    • Fixed 3-d interpolation of static and dynamic segmentations of dynamic patient images
    • Fixed frozen preview of 3-d Otsu tool
    • Fixed crash when switching from live wire tool to other tools
    • Fixed crash when segmenting on collapsed time steps of dynamic images
    • Fixed auto-selection preference of multi-label segmentation
    • Image masking utility applies reference image level window to masked image now
    • Simplified question whether to create a static or dynamic segmentation for a dynamic patient image
    • Disabled dysfunctional plane suggestion feature of the 3-d interpolation
    • Removed correction 2-d tool (use add and subtract tools as replacement, โŒƒ inverts operation type)
  • Image statistics
    • Histograms are now shown for all time steps in sync with the image navigator
    • Histograms are now updated if the ROI changed
  • I/O
    • Increased precision of serialized numbers in DICOM SEGs
    • Fixed presentation of non-ASCII file and path names in the GUI
  • Image cropper
    • Fixed GUI state of the Image Cropper View if an image or a bounding object is initially selected
    • Cropped and masked images now have the same level window settings as their original images
  • Point set interaction
    • Fixed GUI state if a point set is initially selected
    • Removed dysfunctional context menu
  • Rendering
    • Fixed color and opacity flickering in 2-d images (was introduced in Nov 2020)
    • Fixed 2-d and 3-d rendering of dynamic surfaces
    • Fixed render window menu visibility
  • Other
    • Fixed heuristic to differentiate between an image and a binary image
    • Fixed invalid double click acceptence in multi node selection dialog
    • Shortlinks in the Windows installer for true command-line apps do not use the START command anymore but call them directly instead

๐Ÿ’” Known issues

  • DICOM file names/paths with non-ASCII characters may fail to load on Windows. Two different workarounds are:
    • Rename the file
    • Switch to the UTF-8 locale of Windows 10 2019-03 or later before starting the MITK Workbench
  • 3-d picking and 3-d region growing segmentation tools do not yet support dynamic images

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes

  • QmitkRenderWindowMenu class
    • Removed unused opacity parameter from MoveWidgetToCorrectPos() method.
    • Removed workaround methods DeferredShowMenu(), DeferredHideMenu(), and smoothHide(). Use ShowMenu() and HideMenu() instead.
  • QmitkRenderWindow class
    • Removed AdjustRenderWindowMenuVisibility() method which is no longer needed

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