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2021 Week 12 (Late March)
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๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes

We didn't upgrade any dependencies but added another patch for ITK v4.13.3 to make MITK compatible with the latest version of Visual Studio 2019.

โœจ New features

  • Made MITK compatible to the latest version of Visual Studio 2019
  • Allow coupling of segmentation images to their patient images even if there is a numerically significant difference in their geometry information that still can be considered neglectable in the ordinary magnitude of units in medical imaging

๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed compiler/linker error regarding the lrintf intrinsic in ITK's OpenJPEG third-party module for the latest version of Visual Studio 2019
  • Fixed deferred update when toggling segmentation label visibility for labels in certain layers
  • Fixed crashes in a few plugins that happened when a render window editor was not set as active/foreground editor
  • Fixed segmentation previews for foreground values โ‰ค 1
  • Reset segmentation color to the current color instead of the default red color when aborting the color chooser dialog for new segmentations
  • Reset camera to initial position and orientation after taking 3-d multi-planar screenshots with the Screenshot Maker
  • Skip corrupt properties during deserialization instead of adding null pointer properties

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes


Foreground detection was hard coded to 1 < foreground. This was OK so far, since the foreground value was 255, but is problematic for general usage. The check was changed to fillForegroundThreshold <= foreground. The default of fillForegroundThreshold is 1 now.


It is highly unlikely that you are affected by this change. You only have to migrate if values of 1 are still considered background in your own segmentation tool. Pass a fitting fillForegroundThreshold parameter in that case. See D472 for more details.


The GetCheckPrecision() method and the related NODE_PREDICATE_GEOMETRY_DEFAULT_CHECK_PRECISION constant were removed.

The equality functions of geometries do support coordinate precision and direction precision. This feature was not used by the predicates so far. It is needed to allow the predicates to be less pedantic with differences in coordinate comparisons, though. These tiny differences commonly occur in real world data when decimal places of numbers were cut off during serialization, but have no practical impact for the ordinary magnitude of units in medical imaging.

  • GetCheckPrecision(): Use GetCheckCoordinatePrecision() or GetCheckDirectionPrecision() instead

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