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2021 Week 45 (Early November)
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NOTE: This is the last snapshot before the next official MITK release.

๐Ÿ›  Third-party dependency changes


โœจ New features


๐Ÿ› Bugfixes

  • Segmentation
    • Fixed crash in 3-d Region Growing and 3-d Picking tools with dynamic images
    • Fixed crash in some tools when more than a single layer is used
    • Fixed crash in Image Masking utility with dynamic images
    • Fixed some usage issues with the Live Wire tool
    • Fixed visibility of 3-d interpolation surfaces when loading from MITK project files
  • Image Statistics
    • Fixed crash with certain pairs of dynamic images and segmentations
  • Level Window
    • Presets are now applied as-is regardless of current scale range
  • Volume Visualization
    • Fixed auto-selection in initial state
  • Interaction
    • Split up interaction configs into smaller parts to remove redundancy

๐Ÿ”ฅ API-breaking changes


The mitk::NodePredicateBase* predicate parameter of the SetPredicate() method was changed to const mitk::NodePredicateBase* predicate, since it is simply passed down to another method with that signature.

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