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Git Branching Model
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Since MITK’s branching pattern and workflows were designed, Phabricator has been introduced, we improved our CI with Jenkins and many MITK-based projects are used in environments that require a reliable code base with plannable stable releases. As a research-oriented project in a fast moving environment we still have a high priority to be agile and open to contributions and experimental developments.

We decided in May 2020 to switch to the well-known and successful git-flow branching model introduced by Vincent Driessen in 2010: A successful Git branching model.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with git-flow, please read the short and excellent arcticle linked above. For the rest of this page, we assume that you understood the basics of git-flow and focus on additional policies we introduced on top of this branching model. 💡

Additional policies

Code guarantees

Code review



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