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Git Branching Model
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In May 2020, we decided to switch to the well-established git-flow branching model introduced by Vincent Driessen:

A successful Git branching model

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with git-flow, please read the arcticle linked above. For the rest of this page, we assume that you understood the basics of git-flow and focus on additional policies we introduced on top of this branching model. 💡

Additional policies

Branch naming conventions

Bugs and features are fixed and implemented in branches that branch off from the develop branch and that are merged back into the develop branch. We check that these branches have an associated task by parsing the branch name for a task number. You must follow these naming conventions:

  • feature/T12345-foobar
  • bugfix/T12345-foobar

For now, we still allow the old convention (T12345-foobar) to ease the transition towards git-flow, but it will stop working any time soon.

Code guarantees

Code review



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