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Correct view for US Image in EchoTrack
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  1. 2D window should be Axial, not sagital
  2. 3D view should show axial plane

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  1. solved on branch but not merged yet. Check with other US devices, if it is always axial...
  1. there must be a global reinit somewhere when activating the US device, which resets everything so that the following is not working properly (ToDo: check if Cranial is right direction):

New issue:

  1. When US image is active, the US image is not displayed any more after a global reinit. Manual reinit on the US image solves it, however, it shouldn't vanish with a global reinit, because a global reinit is done e.g. when the Tracking is started. At least when creating a combined modality, a reinit should be done to be sure that everything is displayed properly...
wildes added a project: Restricted Project.
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1./2. solved: Spinbox to select view direction.

  1. solved: Refresh button to do a Reinit and automatic reinit when CombinedModality is created.

Not clear, why a global reinit breaks it (maybe wrong geometry?), and not possible to move view initialization from view to plugin. But this is not really necessary.