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Make MITK compatible to Qt 5.11
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Qwt fails to build:

2>Performing configure step for 'Qwt'
2>loading initial cache file F:/MITK-Qt-5.11-sb/ep/tmp/Qwt-cache-Debug.cmake
2>CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:207 (qt5_use_modules):
2>  Unknown CMake command "qt5_use_modules".
2>-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

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kislinsk created this task.
kislinsk moved this task from Backlog to Blocking v2018.04 on the MITK (2018-04) board.

qt5_use_modules() calls need to be removed and the modules must be added to the target_link_libraries instead (adapt module names by adding Qt5:: in front of the names, for example Core should be Qt5::Core).

We patch the CMakeLists.txt into Qwt, so it is easy to fix in our own repository.

CTK fails to build on macOS with Clang. Fix: Add #include <QItemSelection> to Libs/Widgets/ctkPathListButtonsWidget_p.h. This is already fixed in the current master of CTK.

Modules/QtWidgets/src/QmitkRenderWindowMenu.cpp:970: error: unknown type QSlider.