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Compile Technical Paper - Results
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Notes to myself
Section A

Why A2-option2 doesn't belong to A1?

  • A1 uses one infrastructure. adding cellular network is interpreted as an external "instance" since cellular data is provided by external party.
  • Same for A4-option2 and A3
Section C
  • App Server at Institute 2 cannot act as DBE (encryption)
  • App Server at Institute 1 can act as DBE (no encryption needed)

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Results for:
Section A (A 1-4)
Section B (B 1-4)

  • Section C
  • Section D
  • Gather information from DICOM conformance statements about encrypted data transfers.
  • Gather information from mobile DICOM viewer vendors about encrypted data tranfsers

check naming consistency:

  • infrastructural components
    • separate computer networks and infrastructural computer systems
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