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Issue while building MITK tag v2018..04.2 with Python support
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I am trying to build MITK from this URL. I am using the tag v2018..04.2. When i check the option MITK_USE_PYTHON support, i am getting build issues under the project CTK . I am getting the following errors:-

LINK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol PyInit_CTKCommandLineModulesBackendFunctionPointerPythonQt [C:\Try\MITK-oher-build\ep\src\CTK-build\CTK-build\Libs\CommandLineModules\Backend\FunctionPointer\CTKCommandLineModulesBackendFunctionPointerPythonQt.vcxproj] 
LINK : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol PyInit_CTKCommandLineModulesBackendLocalProcessPythonQt [C:\Try\MITK-oher-build\ep\src\CTK-build\CTK-build\Libs\CommandLineModules\Backend\LocalProcess\CTKCommandLineModulesBackendLocalProcessPythonQt.vcxproj]

I am using

Qt : 5.11.1
CMake: 3.13.2
Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Win64
Python : 3.6
Platform: Windows 10

Here are the CMake screenshots

mitk_ss_1.PNG (410×1 px, 23 KB)

mitk_ss_2.PNG (410×1 px, 23 KB)

I am building MITK in the Release Configuration.
I am able to build MITK without python support. When i am enabling python support, it started giving me above errors.