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[CEST] Generic CEST data reader
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A reader is needed for CEST that allows to load also CEST dynamic images without regarding the DKFZ CEST standard (revision, privat value mapping...) The key idea is that all the dicom image is loaded and all CEST relevant meta informations are either loaded from a meta json file or by user specifications in the options menue of the reader.

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  • Testing of generic CEST reader
  • Add some sanity checks (e.g. does offset values equal the loaded image time steps)
  • Introduce 2 new CEST mime types (one high priorty that only triggers if cest_meta.json is there (because then we assume we should load like this), on norm priority mime type that only is responsible for dicoms if no cest_meta.json is there)
floca added a comment.Tue, Jun 16, 3:07 PM

Testing is postponed/moved into T27481. Waiting for test data that can be put into mitk-data.git.

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