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Kaapana containerd version is 1.2.5 which is 2 years old: Need to update that
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s669m triaged this task as Normal priority.Jul 1 2021, 9:44 AM
s669m created this task.


When I install Kaapana using installation script the containerd version is 1.2.5 which is 2 years old.

Reason: The reason for this is I think, we have mentioned 1.18 microk8s in the installation script and this has to be updated

Expected Result:

The expected version of containerd should be 1.4.4 at least ( though 1.5 is the latest ) then ensure all Kaapana pods are running without any issues.

so, this is what we have tried so far:
helm updated to 3.6
microk9s to 1.22
first problem: v1beta1 version cannot be used anymore --> changed to v1 in the repo
next problem: our treafik is not compatible anymore (with 1.22)