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[Bug] Ggplot warning in various places of the report
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Description: On the new release of ggplot2 library, <scale> = FALSE usage is deprecated. Therefore the following warning appears in the report when the bootstrapping option is enabled.

Warning message:

## Warning: `guides(<scale> = FALSE)` is deprecated. Please use `guides(<scale> =
## "none")` instead.

ggplot2 version: 3.3.5
R version: 4.1.1

Tested with our data_matrix.csv sample file. File contains single task and bootstrapping option is enabled. The affected plots are:

3 blop plots at the section of "3.1 Blob plot for visualizing ranking stability based on bootstrap sampling"
1 plot at the section of "4.1.1 Ranking stability: Variability of achieved rankings across tasks"
1 plot (with 5 subplots) at the section of "4.1.2 Ranking stability: Ranking variability via bootstrap approach"
1 plot at the section of "4.2.1 Visualizing bootstrap results"

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Successfully checked the proposed fix on a Windows system for downward compatibility (R 3.6.3, ggplot2 3.3.0).