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Deployment for test server
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The completed application will be deployed to the test server at the DKFZ network. The server will run CentOS or Ubuntu. The deployment will be handled via two Docker containers. The container structure is explained below:

  1. nginx webserver container will listen to port 80 of the server and handle requests from users. Requests will pass through the Docker network to the second container.
  2. Gunicorn WSGI server in the dash container will collect requests from nginx webserver and forward them to the Dash app.

Here the goal is that, when deployment is handled via Docker containers, there are many advantages. It will be practical to upload apps and run them on the test server. There is no need to modify any configuration, install additional packages (except Docker) on the server machine. That's is how the security of the server will not be vulnerable. Also, server maintenance tasks can be assigned to IT professionals.

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Deployment configurations were completed. A user guide was added to the Readme file in the root folder.