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Replace itkContourExtractor2DImageFilter
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Modules/Segmentation/Algorithms/itkContourExtractor2DImageFilter.h should be superseded by itk's own itk::ContourExtractor2DImageFilter. The itk version has a lot more functionality, especially for multilabel contour extraction and is already present in itk. The code in the Segmentation folder seems to have been copied from a previous itk version.

Unless anyone has objections, i.e.

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I've replaced the function used from Modules/Segmentation/Algorithms/itkContourExtractor2DImageFilter.h with a Unary Functor that uses itk only. The file is no longer useful. Maybe I'll delete it and close this if no one objects. The itk file with the same name will be superseded by the one provided by itk with the same name.