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Implement and migrate to new Annotation concept


Implement and migrate to new Annotation concept

manage propertyLists by renderer name

remove deprecated ManufacturerLogo

Restructure Overlays module

Add AbstractAnnotationRenderer as service interface

Add annotationService and its interface

add annotationservice as coreservice

method for annotationRenderer service registration

revert IAnnotationService core service

remove renderer specific properties

fix merge error

remove renderer specific properties

Overlay service interface

Overlay service registration method

add OverlayServiceTracker

not deriving AbstractAnnotationRenderer from itk::Object

Add static functions to retrieve and register AbstractAnnotationRenderer services

register annotationRenderer as microservice implementation

AnnotationRenderer service registration in subclasses

Add test for service registration

fix overloaded constructors

filter constructor in OverlayServiceTracker

clang-format code style

derive AbstractAnnotationRenderer from serviceTracker

static function to register overlay as microservice

Add methods to update overlay rendering

redesign plugin to new concept

apply clang-format

convenience method to get AnnotationRenderer of all kinds

overlay service listener

open serviceTracker and implement GetMicroserviceID

change plugin to microservice Overlays

remove OverlayManager from baserenderer and migrate mappers to AnnotationPlacer

self managed Overlay rendering updates

fix overlaylist behavior in plugin

readd overlays to baserenderer if it is opened with a previously known id

add convenience method to retrieve a single overlay by its ID

implemented OverlayLayouter2D

Renderwindow modified callback in order to update layout

fix layouter test

fix layouter priority sorting

Create overlay rendering tests

improve scalelegend overlay properties

remove legacy OverlayManager

remove overlaymanager

remove overlaymanager

rename overlay to annotation

Add documentation

Update Annotation Example

migrate Overlays to Annotation in echotrack plugin

migrate Overlays to Annotation in ConnectomicsNetworkMapper3D

implement destructors for all overlays

update documentation

implement delete method in plugin

not deleting foreign annotations in overlaymanager plugin

update Annotation documentation and migration guide

Merge branch 'T19786-ImplementOverlayLayouterAsServiceRebaseDec'

Test Plan: Rendering tests in module

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Reviewed By: kislinsk, O1 MITK Core

Subscribers: kolbch, goch, nolden

Differential Revision: https://phabricator.mitk.org/D25


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