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Crash on changing Acquisition-mode while using Kinect
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MITK crashes on changing the "Acquisition mode" from RGB to IR(and vice versa) after "Connecting" a Kinect in ToFUtilView.

  1. Use the drop-down-list and select the Kinect
  2. Check the Camera-Parameter-Widget and select "RGB" as Acquisition mode
  3. Press "Connect"
  4. Change Acquisition mode
  5. Press "Play"


System: Win7 64 Bit

Event Timeline

New remote branch pushed: bug-13557-CrashOnChangingAcquisitionModeKinect

[3fd5d6]: Merge branch 'bug-13557-CrashOnChangingAcquisitionModeKinect'

Merged commits:

2012-11-07 13:48:14 Alexander Seitel [d9166f]
Fixed the bug, by checking the connection-state/acquisition-mode and
either using the existing generator or generating a new one