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Tensor recon with negative eig crush
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The procedure of Tensor reconstruction with negative eigenvalue correction is crushing for some dwi files. This affects also some parts in DKFZ MBI code.
I ll try to figure out what is wrong but I am attaching problematic data set if anyone wants to look at it as well.

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Can you add the problematic dataset and describe how to produce this error?

New remote branch pushed: bug-16194-tensor-eigenvalue-input-fix

I examined the problem and it seems to be the deep copy method that is not working in a correct way for a large images.(the size of the image for which method is working correctly is different among diffrent machines so I suspect that it is memmory alocation problem) The best and most efficient idea of solution is to resign from deep copy. I've implemented the code so I wil try to do that.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16194-merge

I will merge this branch and leave some of the old code commented for the time being

[cd5c63]: Merge branch 'bug-16194-cleanUp'

Merged commits:

2013-10-25 11:35:28 Thomas Van Bruggen [c4ba1e]
cleaned code

2013-10-25 11:31:08 Thomas Van Bruggen [25668d]
Merge branch 'bug-16194-merge' into bug-16194-cleanUp

2013-10-18 14:47:58 Thomas Van Bruggen [821347]
added doxygen info

2013-10-15 17:17:27 Thomas Van Bruggen [ced3a8]
provided a GetGradientImagePointer method

2013-10-15 17:16:04 Thomas Van Bruggen [a168b9]
removed another source of memory corruption

2013-10-15 16:20:23 Thomas Van Bruggen [322114]
fixed some out of bound operations on vectors

2013-10-15 14:23:12 Thomas Van Bruggen [433369]
Merge commit '8b7fe4ebe90275935c9becf7b8a4b0fa7c2c8796' into bug-16194-merge

2013-10-15 14:14:18 Thomas Van Bruggen [03c606]
Merge branch 'bug-16194-tensor-eigenvalue-input-fix' into bug-16194-merge

2013-10-15 03:20:39 Franz Binczyk [8b7fe4]
remove of deep copy structures

2013-09-30 08:20:25 Franz Binczyk [91c311]
fixes comparison issue