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Disable tool interaction in 3D render-window
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E.g. activate add tool and draw in 3D render-window => causes some weird effects.

These effects are only visible if you add the surface that's created in FillContourInSlice to the DataStorage. The contours are not filled in any slice so they won't be visible without this addition.

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CanHandleEvent still exists in mitkSegTool2D and checks the mapperID. This might be used to prevent interaction in 3D.

Current release is finished. Resetting target milestone

[2d1c08]: Merge branch 'bug-17357-disable-tool-interaction-in-3d'

Merged commits:

2014-05-28 15:31:12 Nils Lichtenberg [5bbc3d]
Added call of CanHandleEvent to each Action