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Wrong calculation of NLMr
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The Calculation of the NLMr is not correct and the NLMv needs to calculate distance between vectors.

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User petry has pushed new remote branch:


[abea6f]: Merge branch 'bug-17531-CorrectionOfNLMeans'

Merged commits:

2014-04-10 16:40:15 Moritz Petry [ab95d4]
Changed MITK-Data

2014-04-08 15:28:16 Moritz Petry [caa818]
added icon

2014-04-08 13:36:49 Moritz Petry [a646ca]
Implemented correction for progressbar when using a mask.

2014-04-07 13:43:40 Moritz Petry [e0f687]
Added documentation and fitted the test class to the new denoising method.

2014-04-07 11:40:50 Moritz Petry [3fe635]
Updated denoising view and added a user manual.

2014-04-03 09:34:20 Moritz Petry [5688af]
Update of denoisingview.

2014-04-01 09:43:33 Moritz Petry [b38039]
minor changes

2014-03-31 11:37:46 Moritz Petry [6b6f4d]
Multiple changes on NLM. Changed calculation of NLM, implement masking as optional.

2014-03-20 13:22:45 Moritz Petry [226b44]
Minor changes NLMv.

2014-03-19 10:26:26 Moritz Petry [8c6abd]
changed standard parameters.

2014-03-19 10:21:46 Moritz Petry [32646e]
Changed calculation for NLMv, implemented NLMg.

2014-03-18 09:58:55 Moritz Petry [e1333d]
shortend calculation

[bacb86]: Merge branch 'bug-17531-CorrectionOfNLMeans'

Merged commits:

2014-04-10 17:06:50 Moritz Petry [aaece2]
COMP: deleted typename