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Crash on 2D segmentation tool hotkey use
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Steps to reproduce:

load image, create new segmentation, choose Paint or Wipe tool.

  1. start segmentation using tool by holding mouse button
  2. BEFORE releasing mouse button switch to Paint or Wipe tool using "p"/"w" button.
  3. release mouse button

> Crash

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cause of bug was:
when switching to new tool,
the working slice was "nulled",
and on mouse release on operation on the null object was performed.
fix is to ensure image is created when the tool gets activated.

[b73d53]: Merge branch 'bug-18809-FixCrashInPaint'

Merged commits:

2015-03-11 15:24:01 Christian Weber [4f4252]
reinit working slice on tool change
removed dead code