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Download of a DICOM file from XNAT should download all slices
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On double click one slice of a dicom series gets downloaded from the xnat editor. And only one slice gets displayed in the render windows.

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User knorr has pushed new remote branch:


[7f4441]: Merge branch 'bug-19045-DownloadOfDicomFileFromXnatShouldDownloadAllSl

Merged commits:

2015-05-08 14:16:47 Daniel Knorr [612017]
Changed create plugin macro in CMakeLists.

2015-05-08 14:08:04 Daniel Knorr [0d0cda]
Little change for readability.

2015-05-07 13:43:46 Daniel Knorr [f04364]
Added some if-clauses for checking if the decompressing was successful.

2015-05-07 13:19:22 Daniel Knorr [c590d0]
Adjusted download functionality that no more download crashes should appear.
Added DICOM series download to tree browser.

2015-05-07 12:52:52 Daniel Knorr [c47cd6]
Added Poco as Package dependancy and download DICOM in a zip-file.
Afterwards the zip file gets decompressed.

2015-05-06 15:03:50 Daniel Knorr [8c4d07]
Changed Download to a loop where all dicom files get loaded.