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Layouters of Overlays inconsistent
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When adding two text overlays (probably all other types as well; one bottom left, one bottom right) by using a layouter a shadow is displayed in the background too far away. I asume, that the shadow doesn't consider the calculated overlay position (see [1]).

Then when removing the overlays and adding them again (for a wizard like workflow) the layouter calculates the new position at the wrong place. It rises in y direction. So when you keep on removing and adding the overlay continues rising y direction.

Looking onto the code [1] I think that the calculation of the position is wrong.
Case Bottom left either considers the bounds of the bottom right one in y direction or it considers the already deleted overlay.

So I will position my overlays manually.

A feature request: additional layout positions middle left and right would be benificial.

Thank's alot,

[1] mitk::Overlay2DLayouter::PrepareLayout() ln 184 ff.

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[847cf7]: Merge branch 'bug-19383-LayoutersTextOverlay2DShadowPosition'

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2016-06-08 16:30:14 Christoph Kolb [acff7d]
change shadowposition with the 2D layouters as well

The additional layout positions will be added in T19786.
Shadow positions are fixed, but the other problem will probably also be fixed in T19786.