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Wrong legend shown in IVIM Plot Widget
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All legend points are drawn as basic rectangles, regardless the symbols set. Apparently, the QwtWidgetPlot requires to explicitly set the LegendAttribute to indicate whether a symbol, line or brush (=rectangle) is shown.

Event Timeline

[a02531]: Merge branch 'bug-19822-IVIM-Plot-rendering'

Merged commits:

2016-07-08 17:30:49 Jan Hering [74b7af]
Make IVIMWidget prettier

  • turn on antialiasing on curves
  • reorder curve insertion for better legend formatting

2016-07-08 17:28:45 Jan Hering [5bf6ce]
Enable further control of the QwtPlot elements

  • enable manipulating curve's antialiasing settings
  • enable colored text in the legend
  • set LegendAttributes according to the curve plot style (pen/symbol/brush)