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Machine-learning tractography fails on large datasets
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As reported by Marc-Andre, the MitkDFTraining MiniApp cannot handle the 200k tractogram with the ISMRM Challenge Dataset. Until now, following observations were done:

  1. The ML-Training is very memory-consuming and there is no information about the (at least estimated) memory requirements of some instance; on some systems at least the user is informed that the application was killed because the system ran into out-of-memory
  1. Even on big (cluster) systems with almost unlimited resources, the ML-Training stops processing without any meaningful message. The reported crash happened 10 minutes after the training was started.

    MitkDFTraining[8954]: segfault at 2b8c5a25d010 ip 00000000004f9179 sp 00002b985eecd9d0 error 4 in MitkDFTraining[400000+188000]

    which seems (after applying the addr2line tool ) to point to a function in Vigra library

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hering updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 2 2016, 3:20 PM

ad 2. There is no obvious source of possible memory-access-errors, the filter runs successfully with lower number of tracts ( 120k ). Trying to figure out possible reasons with a valgrind-memcheck run (on a smaller test-problem).