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Multiple warnings in the Tracking Toolbox test protocol
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When opening MITK workbench:

8.56 core.mod.apputil.baseApp WARNING: An OpenGL Core Profile was requested, but it is not supported on the current platform. Falling back to a non-Core profile. Note that this might cause rendering issues.
8.75 BlueBerry: BlueBerry Workbench ready

When opening IGT Tracking Toolbox tab:

646.02 QmitkMITKIGTTrackingToolBoxView WARNING: Error during restoring tools. Problems with file (C:/Users/aguilera/AppData/Local/DKFZ/MITK Workbench_3852962668/data/9/TrackingToolboxAutoSave.IGTToolStorage), please check the file?         
646.02 core.mod.igt.navTlsTorage WARNING: Cannot unregister microservice as it wasn't registered before.                
646.07 core.mod.igt.trckVolGen: volume: NDIPolarisOldModel.stl

After pressing "Autoscan", when "Test connection" is clicked:

760.55 core.mod.igt.nditrackingdevice WARNING: Could not set volume!

When clicking "Auto Detection":

844.28 WARNING: TimeOut. Quitting the thread...                                                                         
845.29 ERROR: Can't quit the thread. Terminating... Might cause further problems, be careful!                           
848.70 core.mod.igt.ndiprotocol WARNING: Message not understood!                                                        
858.70 core.mod.igt.ndiprotocol: Cannot get information of tracking volume 1. Abort getting of tracking volumes.        
863.71 core.mod.igt.nditrackingdevice WARNING: Could not set volume!                                                    
866.86 core.mod.apputil.baseApp WARNING: QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type 'QVector<int>'                (Make sure 'QVector<int>' is registered using qRegisterMetaType().)

After clicking "Connect":

999.45 core.mod.igt.ndiprotocol WARNING: Number of volumes (11) is not smaller then ten as it was expected. Cannot get supported volumes.                                                                                                       
999.46 core.mod.igt.nditrackingdevice WARNING: Could not set volume!

It was tested in the MITK "T24609-v2018.04-alpha" branch #c3811f3ae83` using VS2015 x64 on a Windows 10 system.