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Readme improvements
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In this task the open suggestions for improvement of the readme file to get started with "challengeR" toolkit will be described.

  1. There are two readme-s, it is confusing witch one should be used.
  1. For some sections (Load data, perform ranking, perform bootstraping) may be helpful to provide customize scripts with different options.
  1. Troubleshooting section?

As it is not required to used certain software (R studio, MikText), but there are some issues appearing when using specific software, we would suggest to add a troubleshooting section to clarify such issues, e.g.:

  • Specific Rstudio (e.g.: installation section)

    -> devtools::install_github("wiesenfa/challengeR", dependencies = TRUE) output: WARNING: Rtools is required to build R packages, but is not currently installed. Rtools was installed via a separate executable:

    -> installation of other packets (e.g.: glue)
  • MikText: issue generating the report

Event Timeline

There should be a team section where all of you are acknowledged

After discussing, the next steps have been decided:

  1. @wiesenfa: look into a way to output a the in another way (probably in another folder)
  2. @aguilera: create scripts to extend the code from the readme, in a different folder
  3. @aguilera: crete a troubleshooting section

regarding issue 1: Rmd should be changed if we want to keep that the current package version at the beginning is automatically inserted. otherwise we could only work with the md file and drop the Rmd file. the file has to stay in the root directory such that GitHub finds it. If .Rmd file is also in root the easiest thing is to compile it such that it will be in the same directory. I don't remember, why do we need to change this?

I don't see that 1. is an issue. Further improvements were done in the scope of T27996 and T27420.

eisenman claimed this task.