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Warnings are shown in multi-task challenge report for violin plot
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After "Summary Kendall's tau" in section 2.2, two warnings are shown when using the data set from the package (data_matrix.csv).

  1. Warning: Removed 1000 rows containing non-finite values (stat_ydensity).
  2. Warning: Removed 1000 rows containing non-finite values (stat_boxplot).

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eisenman created this task.

This is due to the fact that missing values cannot be plotted:

Summary Kendall's tau


How should we deal with it? Should we use the argument, directly remove it or remove the warning from the plot?

it's not because of missing test cases. It is because in certain situation no Kendall can be computed. Don't use for this.

Yes, this results in Na, but they shouldn't be treated like before; you're right. @wiesenfa: What do you propose for the plots? Should we just remove the warnings?

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