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Specifiy and implement cleaning policies for MITK tasks
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The following strategies where discussed:

  • Close Tasks as "Invalid" if a "Missing Info" tag has not removed after X month
    • x could be e.g. 12 month
  • Close a task with "Invalid" if no activities since X month
    • x could be e.g. 24 month


  1. Clarify X and if wee need additional policies (but I think they are a good start for now.
  2. Polite explination text, that is put automatically as comment with the closing, that explaines the reason and invites to reopen the task (and providing missing information) if the task is still of interest or becomes of interest again.
  3. Check if/how the rules can be impemented.
  4. Document to communicate the policy to the communita and community
  5. Implement it and activate it (also directly make the first clean up).

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We can save the filters in Phabricator and then manually do batch edits at specific times like before an official release or every once in a while.

kislinsk closed this task as Resolved.Fri, May 22, 12:21 PM

Created global Maniphest filters for both examples above with 3 and 18 months.

floca reopened this task as Open.Fri, May 22, 1:27 PM

Sorry for that ;)

But i would opt for 6 and 24.

Especially for the first (6 month), because I see no reason for such a narrow time window due to the fact hat we most likely will not have no shorter public release cycles I guess.

But that appart, cool that the filter rules are already there.

Okay okay. :-)

kislinsk closed this task as Resolved.Tue, May 26, 11:25 AM

First auto-close bulk edit completed successfully. Hope it wasn't too much of an email notification tsunami. 🙈

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