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Consistent handling of plots created for multi-task data sets
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Some plot functions (e.g. rankingHeatmap) return a list of ggplot objects for each task, other plot functions (e.g. methodsplot (line plot across ranking methods)) only return a single ggplot object that contains all plots (multi-panel plot). It should be discussed whether this should be done in a consistent way to not confuse the end user. Would it be enough to document the return value properly? Does the user have enough freedom to customize a multi-panel plot?

The podium plot does not return any ggplot object. It uses the built-in plot function. How can this plot be customized afterwards?

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eisenman created this task.

maybe introduce some utility function that takes care of it

podium plots in ggplot would be nice but would take some time, I'd leave it as an exception for the moment

lists of ggplot objects can now be handled like single ggplot objects, e.g. boxbplot(...) + xlab(...) will apply xlab() to every ggplot object

networks, podium plots and dendrograms are currently not ggplot objects and are thus handled differently