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Legend of line plot has missing legend title and algorithm
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The line plot used in report section 2.4 does not show the legend title and one algorithm is missing in the legend (e.g. happens for data set with 19 algorithms where all lines are drawn, but only 18 algorithms appear in the legend).

These parts are also missing in the exported figure, so it should not be caused by placing it in the report.

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eisenman triaged this task as High priority.Jun 9 2020, 3:18 PM
eisenman created this task.

solved at least for 19 algorithms (MSD data).

we could decide to put algorithms in the legend into 2 columns if there are e.g. more than 18 algorithms, using code below. might be problematic/need more adaptations in case of long algorithm names.

                      guide = guide_legend(ncol = ceiling( length(unique(dd[[1]]$alg_name)) / 18))

@eisenman can larger number of algorithms be checked? what's your opinion? please close otherwise.

@reinkea Do you have a dataset containing more algorithms?

@eisenman Yes, I have a dataset with ~200 Algorithms, will send it to you!

eisenman moved this task from In Progress to Done on the challengeR (v1.0) board.

The 19 algorithms are shown correctly. The strategy for more algorithms is discussed in T27748.

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