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changes in subset()
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there seem to have been changes in subset.R.

  • subset.ranked.list is not detected as S3 method
  • new function taskSubset()

was this due to the fact that there is no distinction between ranked and ranked.list anymore?

  • should subset.ranked.list become algorithmSubset()? I had tried to avoid these long names... or should taskSubset be included in subset(), e.g. distinguishing
subset(x, top=...) or subset(x, topAlgorithms=...)
subset(x, tasks=...)

Additionally in subset.ranked.list:

objectTop$data[[1]][[attribute]] <- droplevels(objectTop$data[[1]][[attribute]])

may lead to errors and should be replaced by

if (is.factor(objectTop$data[[1]][[attribute]])) objectTop$data[[1]][[attribute]] <- droplevels(objectTop$data[[1]][[attribute]])

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wiesenfa claimed this task.Thu, Sep 24, 1:16 PM
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taskSubset is deprecated
there is now
subset(x, top, tasks)

  • if top is specified subset to top algorithms (only applicable to single task challenges)
  • if tasks is specified subset of tasks (only applicable to multi task challenges)
wiesenfa moved this task from In Progress to Done on the challengeR (v1.0) board.Thu, Sep 24, 3:23 PM