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Preference "Show as volume rendering" does not display segmentation volume in 4-window view
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When setting the segmentation preference "Show as volume rendering" I expected to see the 3D segmentation displayed in the 3D rendering window of the 4-window view ( where the 3 planes intersect). This is not the case, only the image, but no segmentation is shown there. Not sure if I am interpreting this feature correct or commiting some user-error, but if I don't, this is a bug. In this task this is clarified and if it should be a bug, it is fixed.

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kompan triaged this task as Normal priority.Sep 10 2020, 12:42 PM
kompan created this task.

I can verify this behavior. It worked before with my 2018.04 installer.

Was recently removed in T28000. It just (tried to) enabled volumerendering on the segmentations. At least when the segmentation view was open to actually apply the preference. We can reintroduce the feature if we figured out to find a volume rendering setting that is actually able to show something meaningful (in v2018.04 is just got a black box). Not the best idea in the first place to be honest. If we want a good and accurate representation in 3-d we would need to create pixel-aligned surfaces out of the images.

That could be another task (potentially existing already). Either actually create a surface and utilize the surface mapper or write a 3-d mapper for LabelSetImages that do that on the fly. There were attempts in the past that didn't work out that great but it's actually a nice project for a mapper. Not the easiest one as it has complex conditions like multiple opacities and stuff, but still a feature that is worth having in my opinion.

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