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package dependencies
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in description file should be

  R (>= 3.5.2),
  ggplot2 (>= 3.3.0),
  purrr (>= 0.3.3)
  dplyr (>= 0.8.5),
  graph (>= 1.64.0),
  knitr (>= 1.28),
  methods (>= 3.6.0),
  plyr (>= 1.8.6),
  reshape2 (>= 1.4.3),
  rlang (>= 0.4.5),
  rmarkdown (>= 2.1),
  tidyr (>= 1.0.2),
  viridisLite (>= 0.3.0)

otherwise use of "%>%" will not work and ggplot plots cannot be layouted by the user. also report will currently not work (would need to load packages in the beginning).

viridisLite could also go to depend such that users can choose colorpallette. package colorspace had been contained in depends for the same reason, because it may contain useful color palettes

@eisenman I guess you changed that. any objections?

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Are you using the latest develop branch? There everything works for me.

I changed that because of the reasons given in here:

yes I think so. maybe you have purrr (or dplyr) and ggplot loaded in the workspace.
packages in depends are loaded at startup (and we need these package to be available by the user). imports does not load the packages, functions of challengeR can however call them.
it is true that packages in depends should be minimize, but these are needed