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Curve Description Parameters View progress bar 99%
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In the curve description parameters view, the progress bar stops at 99%, even if the calculation has been finished successfully. In this task, this bug is corrected, such that 100% is reached after a successful calculation.

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kompan triaged this task as Normal priority.Oct 5 2020, 10:36 AM
kompan created this task.

In fact, this problem occurs not just for the progress bar, but the progress itself, e.g. also in the info box 1 is currently never reached even if the descriptive parameter calculation process is finished. The reason for this bug is that the progress is stored in a member variable which is updated after the progress event is invoked. Therefore, the progress variable is always lagging one update behind. This is fixed by changing the order of the called functions.
The fix is done for the descriptive parameter calculation, but also for the pixel and ROI-wise fitting.