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Use cases of annotator option
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The function as.challenge has an argument "annotator". This is not used for the report and other use cases are not documented. Is it still working? Should the argument be dropped?

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should be working but hasn't been really tested lately. only applies to rank then aggregate. originates from nature communications paper and should be explained there.
For testing I could again compare to Annette's code used at that time.
Wouldn't drop it but you are right that documentation is missing

will check old documentation/nature communications example

added to documentation of as.challenge():
(arg annotator:) If multiple annotators annotated the test cases, a string specifying the name of the column that contains the annotator identifiers. Only applies to rang-then-aggregate. Use with caution: Currently not tested.

I would definitely not drop this feature, because this may be important to take into account. But I won't be able to properly validate this before Christmas. In principle, I can compare results to Annette's implementation for validation