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Remove Biophotonics and Photo Acoustics from MITK
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To make it short: PA code in MITK is abandoned for a while now but generates maintenance hours here and there, so I talked to Janek and the PA-team and they confirmed, that we can remove it. Biophotonics is already isolated and inactive.

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kislinsk triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 23 2020, 5:12 PM
kislinsk created this task.

Removed modules:

  • mitkBiophotonics
  • MitkBiophotonicsHardware
    • MitkSpectroCam
  • MitkPhotoacousticsAlgorithms
  • MitkPhotoacousticsHardware
  • MitkPhotoacousticsLib
  • MitkUSHardwareDiPhAS

Removed plugins:

  • org.mitk.gui.qt.lasercontrol
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.photoacoustics.imageprocessing
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.photoacoustics.pausmotioncompensation
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.photoacoustics.pausviewer
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.photoacoustics.simulation
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.photoacoustics.spectralunmixing
  • org.mitk.gui.qt.spectrocamrecorder

Other removed classes:

  • mitk::USDiPhASDeviceCustomControls
  • QmitkUSControlsCustomDiPhASDeviceWidget
kislinsk renamed this task from Remove Photo Acoustics from MITK to Remove Biophotonics and Photo Acoustics from MITK.Nov 23 2020, 9:26 PM
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Deleted branch bugfix/T27999-RemovePhotoacoustics.