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DataUpload fails with Firefox
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I tried to upload a ".zip" with the DataUpload module, but I get an error message:

"Expects zip, application/octet-stream, application/zip, application/x-zip or application/x-zip-compressed"

I used a single DICOM file, zipped.

Works with Chrome

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PS: Chrome upload works but data doesn't show up in meta

I just tried it with my firefox and it worked... Can you send me the version of your firefox? For very large files I know that it will fail...

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Duplicate of T28291

There seems to be a problem with Firefox.
See the task for more details.

I was able to reproduce the error. I will take a look

Checked again, no idea how to fix it. The Browser seems to remove the mime type of the object... so either i remove the file check completely or we find a way of how the browser can be enabled to deal with mime types:

This page prints the mime type of an uploaded file (No file type detected when tested on a setup where the upload is not possible):

And this page shows mime types supported by the browser. (Doesn't show any results if upload is not possible)

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