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bug in stabilityByAlgorithm.bootstrap.list
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facet names incorrectly set may lead to error

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What exactly is the error? What are the steps to reproduce this? Runtime error or wrong content in report?

task names ( names(x$matlist) ) had been used for facet titles instead of algorithm names ( stored in "ordering").

besides wrong content, could lead to error

Error in names(pl) <- names(x$matlist) :
  'names' attribute [34] must be the same length as the vector [5]

error has arisen if number of algorithms was smaller than number of tasks, i.e. if length(ordering)=length(names(pl)) < length(names(x$matlist))

I will extend the unit tests to show that this issue is solved.

The unit tests can be found here: feature/T28193-UnitTestsMoreTasksThanAlgorithms

@wiesenfa Could you please check whether the unit tests are sufficient?

The tests do not cover only one case per task. They should be added by solving T28202.

@eisenman yes, should be sufficient
only one case per task covered in bootstrap() now see T28202

This issue will be fixed in v1.0.1.