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Upgrading ITK version 4.13.3 to latest version of ITK 5.1.2
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I was fiddling around trying to port Blueberry Framework from MITK out towards CTK and I've come up with a version conflict and missing file which is necessary in 4.13.3 and the same file was removed from ITK since version 5.0 and forward.

Line #16 at this location requires itkAffineGeometryFrame.h which was removed from ITK 5.0 :

I found the information at this location :

If you do a search you will stumble upon this comment for the release:

Stephen R.Aylward @aylward (47):
      ENH: Refactor of SpatialObject top-level class
      ENH: Remove itkAffineGeometryFrame file

If MITK is planning to move towards ITK 5.0 and higher than this code has to be adapted because it will not work in the compilation process.

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