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MPISolverWrapper's direct call of blackbox internal seems wrong
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Currently the MPISolverWrappercalls directly the loss function in the blackbox. ($111-114)

  loss = self._solver.blackbox.blackbox_func(params)
  loss = self._solver.blackbox.blackbox_func(**params)

It is unclear to me why id did it that way, and not just called aka blackbox().
The direct call of the blackbox_func misses i.a. the passing of data if set in the blackbox. Further it is redundant code, as the also checks for several blackbox_func signatures.

We should discuss and check if it does make sense like it is now. I have the feeling changing it would make much sense. (At least I currently see now argument against it.)

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I agree with the raised point. I checked the classes again and do not see a valid reason behind the blackbox_func call. I will fix this.