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[external] Error when all metric values are the same
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issue reported by GitHub user:
When I run multi-task challenges and all MetricValue values for a Task are the same, I get the following error:
Error in seq.default(1.5, max(task$rank) - 0.5, by = 1) : wrong sign in 'by' argument

I suppose this could be rank then aggregate, probably not only multi-task

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wiesenfa moved this task from In Progress to Done on the challengeR board.

very simple fix in rankingHeatmap.challenge
@eisenman can this be merged into master branch?

Do you have a minimum example to reproduce this? Would be great to have that in the test checklists as well.

now test case in test-report.R

@eisenman the change in develop branch has not been uploaded to GitHub, is this not automatically synchronized?. So the user who reported the bug still has the same problem. It would be good to merge into master as well

eisenman renamed this task from bug when all metric values are the same to [external] Error when all metric values are the same.May 6 2021, 6:40 PM